Hello, I can't wait to get to know you.

I'm an extrovert, an Enneagram 7, a calm-ish Gemini, so I definitely want to be friends. Here is a bit about me to start us off.

I take photos of weddings, families, food, and bits of everything else in the extended Baltimore/DC area. Travel makes my heart beat faster, so please do get in touch if you have an project outside of the mid-Atlantic area. I would love to see where you live.

My Oregon phone number stayed with me from my original home, I moved here fifteen years ago for a graduate degree in Liberal Arts from St. John’s College. In fact, I have an undergraduate degree in Liberal Arts as well. People often ask me about the apparent disconnect between my degrees and the profession I ended up in. I’ve found the two to be perfectly complimentary. My degrees developed my mind and critical thinking, while my job relies on my eyes and intuition, yet there is so much overlap. Philosophy requires creativity and attention to detail, and good photography require the same. They both demand problem solving. They are both fundamentally concerned with truth and beauty. And they are both especially about stories, and stories are my great love.

I also make lots of other things because creating gives me a high. I cook and bake every day, bread or pho or my latest favorite turmeric lemon cake, and I am a poor but extremely enthusiastic gardener. I try to sew, knit or thrift all of our textile needs, and I especially love to make witchy tinctures and remedies from medicinal plants that I grow or forage.

Other things that make my heart sing: strange foods, my 250 year old house with huge windows and perfect light, antique furniture to match my house, long nights laughing over the dinner table or a picnic blanket with friends and most especially my boys. I have a kind and smart husband and three little boys.

I’d love to hear about you, what makes your heart sing, whether you like summer or winter, fiction or nonfiction, if you have human or fur babies, and of course how I can capture your beautiful life in photos.